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Dr. Gupta Poster presentation at EASD 2016

“High prevalence of Depression amongst people with diabetes” : Dr. Sunil Gupta

Dr. Sunil Gupta Poster presentation at EASD 2016 (European Association for Study of Diabetes) today on 14th Sept. He was very proud to share that his poster also selected among few for Video Recording.

Dr. Gupta, Diabetologist & Director DCRC & Trustee DCFI recently presented his research work at the International meet of 52nd European Association for the Study of Diabetes, which was held at Munich, West Germany from 12th to 16th Sept 2016. This was one of the largest Conference of Diabetes held in recent past with more than 15000 delegates from 134 Countries all over the world.

The study from DCRC & DCFI was selected for the e-poster discussion with video presentation, which was on “Hospital based prevalence of major depression and it’s association with microangiopathy amongst adults with type-2 diabetes mellitus from India” conducted on 703 people with Type 2 Diabetes.

The study has revealed a high prevalence of depression in people with adult Type2 DM Appx 42% of people with diabetes have some form of depression. Major depression was found in 16% of people and more so amongst female subjects. The risk of major depression increases significantly with associated Nephropathy, Neuropathy and Retinopathy. Dr. Gupta said Clinicians need to focus on screening and early diagnosis of depression amongst people with type2 diabetes.

Total 1168 Abstracts were presented off them, E-posters were 820 out of this only 68 E-poster were selected for Video presentation. Dr. Gupta’s poster is one of those best 68 posters globally, which was selected for video presentation. The study was appreciated by many. The e-poster live video can be seen on the website of EASD (

Dr. S.S. Chiddarwar, Psychiatrist, Indira Gandhi Government Medical College, Kavita Gupta, Pooja Kore, are the co-authors. Dr. Gupta acknowledged the support of Dr. Dhananjay Raje, Dr. Sachin Gathe & Team DCRC.


Dr. Sunil Gupta presenting the paper at EASD 2016 Munich, West Germany.


Dr. Sunil Gupta during the video recording of his e-poster at EASD 2016 Munich, West Germany.


Dr. Sunil Gupta with the poster at EASD 2016 Munich, West Germany.