Start managing your diabetes two months prior to Ramadan to practice safe fasting: Dr Sunil Gupta

Start managing your diabetes two months prior to Ramadan to practice safe fasting: Dr Sunil Gupta

“Most people with diabetes can practice safe Ramadan fast with prior evaluation of associated risk factors and changing over to medicines, which cause less risk of hypoglycaemia during Ramadan,” said Dr Sunil Gupta during a national virtual education program on ‘Management of diabetes during Ramadan fast’ held on April 4 organized by Dr Gupta’s Diabetes Care n’ Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. (DCRC) in association with Diabetes Care Foundation of India (DCFI).

Dr Gupta added: “Ramadan is the best month to follow de-addiction practices and one should monitor blood glucose frequently during fasting to avoid hypoglycaemia or hyperglycaemia related complications.”

The program was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Padmashri Dr Shashank Joshi – Chairman IDF South-East Asia Region and Dean-Indian College of Physicians. The guests of honour were: Dr Banshi Saboo – Chairman of Dia Care and National President of RSSDI, Dr AH Zargar – Chairman and Director of Department of Endocrinology, SKIMS, Srinagar and Dr Sabiha Vali – former professor and Head of PG Department of Home Science, RTM Nagpur University.

The faculties during the program were: Dr Shehla Sheikh – Consultant Endocrinologist at Saifee and Prince Aly Khan Hospital, Mumbai, Dr Sunil Gupta – Director of DCRC and Dr Kavita Gupta – Diabetes educator and Director of DCRC.

Dr Shashank Joshi

Dr Shashank Joshi said that Ramadan is an organised fast. So safe fasting is prescribed. He also added that education is very important for creating awareness in the society.
Dr Zargar said that Ramadan is very important for every Muslim but health is also equally important. People with diabetes should also watch for hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia episodes during Ramadan and he emphasized on regular glucose monitoring to avoid any complications. He also added that one should keep Rozas with the permission from the doctor.

Dr Banshi Saboo

Dr Banshi Saboo shared his views and experience about what problems diabetics face during Ramadan. He also added that they should start planning for Ramadan two months before and people with Type 1 diabetics and Gestational Diabetics should take extra care and if possible should avoid fasting.

Dr Sabiha Vali

Dr Sabiha Vali congratulated Dr Sunil Gupta and Dr Kavita Gupta for their consistent dedicated passion for educating the society and creating awareness. Dr Vali briefed about the importance of Ramadan fasting. She mentioned that as dates (Khajoor) are nutrient dense hence they break the fast with dates.

Dr Shehla Sheikh added that its clearly mentioned in the Islam that if you are not physically fit for Rojathan, don’t keep it. Physical fitness is very important to avoid complication during and after Ramadan.

Dr Kavita Gupta

Dr Kavita Gupta said that diet during Saheri should be nutrient and energy dense, protein rich to sustain fasting for next 12-14 hours. Consume nuts, oilseeds, milk, egg rather than refined foods like biscuits/rusks. Intake of water should be emphasized, hydrating by coconut water, buttermilk, Aampanna, & mint jaljeera rather than sherbet should be advised. A balanced, protein rich, low fat, low Gycemic Index foods and avoid simple carbs consumption would help in healthy fasting.

Farida Hussain congratulated Dr Sunil and Dr Kavita Gupta couple for this noble initiative for the betterment of the society. Dr Kavita Gupta, Parvinder Bamrah and Swar Gupta conducted the program.

Topics like what happens to your body in Ramadan Fast, fasting in various types of diabetes, safe fasting, monitoring of blood glucose, Ramadan Nutrition Plan, safe glucose lowering drugs and insulin in diabetes, coping with triple challenge: COVID 19, Diabetes and Ramadan was discussed during the program.

Rupali Patil, Tushar Zalke, Sarita Kale and team DCRC worked hard for the success of the program. More than 500 people with diabetes and their caretakers benefited from this educational program.